The Challenge of the Cross

Christians may believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and sincerely desire to serve Him. Yet, have they fully grasped that we are called to take up our cross
daily and follow Him; to identify our lives with His death, His suffering and His resurrection, as He Himself commanded us?

The New Covenant

When Jesus died and rose from the dead, the Law was done away with and we became a free people, living under grace! But have we truly understood how profound, glorious and special this Covenant is? As we are willing to identify our lives with Christ in His sufferings, death and resurrection, our lives are transformed and others can see “Christ in us, the hope of Glory!”

The Five-fold Ministry

Sadly, today, many Christians who acknowledge the existence of the Five-fold Ministry fail to recognise its relevance or understand its application for the Church. Everything written in the New Testament about these different ministries working together to build up the Church will always apply as long as the Church is on earth. The same Spirit, who moved when the Church began, is still at work today. Jesus has not changed.

The Church Needs to Know

Let us all acknowledge that the Church has deviated somewhat from sound doctrine, with the resultant effect on the lives of God’s people. It is time to address some key issues directly in order for Christians to realise that the Lord has better things in store for them!